Apocalypse Challenge Spreadsheet

Attached to this page is a spreadsheet created by Audrey Flood. It is meant to assist players in tracking their legacy, different types of restrictions, pre-requisites, and collections. She has done an INCREDIBLE job, and I truly cannot thank her enough. If you would like to thank her personally (although I will do my best to relay all comments and suggestions), please visit the Apocalypse Challenge FaceBook group and leave a note on the group wall. I will attempt to update this with each new version.

This spreadsheet is entirely based on Macros, so please enable them before you use it.

Below is her disclaimer, copied exactly from the index worksheet (except the hyperlink to the Wiki, which I added):

“This spreadsheet is intended to help keep track of restrictions in effect during your challenge and is NOT intended to be a substitute for reading and following any rules in the Wiki Apocalypse 3 Challenge instructions. Please read them before attempting to use this spreadhseet [sic]. There are links throughout the spreadsheet back to the site and other sites that might be helpful during your challenge. Good luck and have fun. I welcome suggestions for improvements and anything that is incorrect. ~Audrey”

Apocalypse Challenge Spreadsheet


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